Galápagos Islands: Recognizing the Inconvenient Truth

Enjoy the lush scenery, plants, and animals that await you because they are heavily treasured and guarded in these pristine Islands!

The Galápagos ranks as one of the most important sites in the Western Hemisphere in regards to biodiversity and scientific research. As such, the Ecuadorian government is one of the first countries to include environmental legislation in the form of a constitutional amendment.

The Special Law for the Galápagos is a landmark piece of legislation that has far-reaching and unprecedented language to protect biodiversity and foster a culture of conservation. The law aims to promote conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development of the Providence of Galápagos. The legislation recognizes not only the biological framework necessary to protect Galápagos, but also the intellectual and sociological aspects. The principal goal of this piece of legislation is to create a harmonious existence between people and the unique flora and fauna of the Galápagos Islands.