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Globus has always greeted the most fascinating places across the globe with unmatched intrigue, curiosity and wonder. Along the way, we’ve discovered the sights travelers must see, encountered the people they must meet, engaged in the customs to try and indulged in the cuisines to taste. From the world’s heart-pumping cosmopolitan cities to its tiny heartwarming towns, it is our greatest passion to share the joys we’ve uncovered – experiences that go beyond the landmarks and thoroughfares to the lesser known avenues that get travelers up close to our local favorites – and our favorite locals.

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An ordinary vacation is passive. An extraordinary vacation is called a tour. More precisely, a Globus tour. Because on a Globus tour you do; you make; you create; you experience. On a Globus escorted tour you see all the popular sites, but then you head off the beaten path to truly experience your destination. We take you behind the scenes to spotlight what makes these exciting destinations unique — and to introduce you to its local flavors.
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