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These Know Before You Go travel tips are designed with you in mind, with helpful hints to help you prepare for and enjoy your escorted vacation. They are your guide to getting ready and contain general information on travel documentation, customs, and the country/countries you will be visiting, including budgeting, transportation, climate, languages, and much more. With Globus, you benefit from our experience.

Travel Stories

What better way to learn what it’s like to vacation with Globus than to hear the story straight from other travelers? Here, you can watch videos and read accounts of the experiences of world explorers like yourself.

After all, every journey tells a story. Come learn about journeys taken all over the world.

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As you plan – or just dream about – your next vacation, we invite you to get inspired by our travel blog that showcases Globus in the news news, travel tips, stories, customer testimonials and more!

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