Spectacular Spain (ZY) - 2016

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9 Day Tour from Madrid to Madrid

Spectacular Spain
Enjoy the beautiful architecture in Madrid
Enjoy the beautiful architecture in Madrid
Madrid at dusk
Alhambra at Sunset
Plaza de Espana in Seville, Spain
The Alhambra features Islamic architecture and beautifully detailed gardens
Visit the old walled city of Toledo, Spain, made famous in El Grecos painting
Enjoy the wonderful Andalusian city of Seville, Spain
The Prado Museum features renowned collections of European art dating from the Romanesque through the Impressionistic era

Optional Excursions

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El Escorial and Valley of The Fallen Visit El Escorial, a renaissance-style quadrangular complex of white-grey stone, which houses the Mausoleum of the Spanish Monarchs and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built under the order of King Phillip II, it is considered the eighth Wonder of the World. Later continue through the Valley of the Fallen to the Basilica and the 492-foot cross commemorating the victims of the civil war.

Approximate value: €59 EUR per person

Panoramic Drive & Dinner Drive through the capital's boulevards, passing beautiful buildings and fountains. Later, dine Spanish style! Tonight is your chance to try many of the dishes that Madrid is renowned for, at one of Madrid's favorite restaurants. Drinks and coffee are included. During this evening, don't miss the opportunity to sip a glass of Sangria, the most traditional and famous Spanish drink prepared with wine, chopped fruit, sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy.

Approximate value: €58 EUR per person

Full-Day Excursion to Gibraltar Visit the strategic rock fortress of Gibraltar, in British hands since 1704. See the Upper Galleries, part of the Great Seige Tunnels (outside), and visit St. Michael's Caves, consisting of an Upper Hall with five connecting passages to a smaller hall. Also view the ruins of the Moorish Castle, providing excellent examples of Islamic architecture of the period, and admire the colony of Barbary Apes, a species of tailless monkeys called Barbary Macaques.

Approximate value: €65 EUR per person

Mijas & Dinner On The Carihuela Drive to the enchanting village of Mijas, nestled in the mountainside at 1,404 feet (428 meters) above sea level. Enjoy a walking tour, then free time for shopping or admiring its cobblestoned, narrow winding streets, dazzling whitewashed walls, and breathtaking views. Later, enjoy a 4-course dinner, with drinks, at one of the celebrated restaurants in La Carihuela, the original fisherman's district in Torremolinos, famous for the best seafood in the region.

Approximate value: €59 EUR per person

Andalusian Dinner & Flamenco While savoring a 3-course Andalusian dinner with drinks, enjoy an exciting flamenco show. The flamenco dance, with its roots in Indian, Arabic, and Spanish cultures, is a highly-expressive, passionate dance form that no visitor to Spain should miss.

Approximate value: €64 EUR per person

Cathedral and Columbus Tomb Standing on the site of a grand mosque, Seville's 15th-century gothic cathedral was built to demonstrate the city's power and wealth after the Reconquista, when the city was captured from the Moors. It is the third-largest church in Europe and boasts 80 chapels, the largest altarpiece in the world, and the breathtaking La Giralda, one of the three remaining Almohad minarets in the world (the others are in Marrakesh and Rabat, Morocco). This beautiful structure became the bell tower of the cathedral, and dominates the city's skyline. The cathedral also houses the remains of explorer Christopher Columbus. Although originally buried in Havana's cathedral in Cuba, his first discovery in 1492, his remains were moved to Seville during the upheavals surrounding the Cuban Revolution in 1902.

Approximate value: €18 EUR per person