Classical Greece with Iconic Aegean 3-Night Cruise (RGK) - 2016

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12 Day Tour from Athens to Athens

Classical Greece with Iconic Aegean 3-Night Cruise
Enjoy the breathtaking views of Santorini
Enjoy the breathtaking views of Santorini
Olympia is the founding city of the Olympics, dated from 776 B.C.E.
Santorini, Greece
Kusadasi is on the Aegean coast and the center of the seaside district
Discover Santorini, Greece, the Black Pearl of the Aegean
The Meteora monastery in Greece
Visit Santorini, the “Black Pearl of the Aegean.”
Ancient amphitheater in Epidaurus, Greece
Sunset over Oia Village on Santorini Island in Greece

Vacation Overview

You've seen photos of the ancient Acropolis, dating back to the 5th century BC—now’s your chance to see it in person. You've watched the Olympics on TV—now’s your chance to walk among the remains in Olympia, where the Olympics began in 776 BC. You've dreamt of cruising in the Greek Islands—now’s your chance to sail into the deep-blue waters of the Aegean Sea and visit these islands yourself. All of this and more await you on this Greece cruise tour.

History comes alive on your guided visits to many of Greece's ancient sights. In addition to the Acropolis and Olympia, visit ancient Corinth, dating to the 8th century BC; the ruins in Mycenae, dating from 1,350 to 1,200 BC; the amazingly well-preserved, 2,300-year-old open-air theater in Epidaurus; Thermopylae, where the battle between the Greeks and Persians took place in 480 BC; Delphi, where you’ll hear about the Oracle; and more.

You’ll also enjoy a 3-night cruise on the Aegean Sea cruising to some of the world’s most beautiful islands. Visit Mykonos, Greece's most famous cosmopolitan island with its seafront village, sandy beaches, and whitewash houses; Heraklion, Crete, nestled picturesquely between two mountain ranges with archaeological treasures and beautiful scenery; Santorini (weather permitting), still an active volcano offering one of the world's most breathtaking panoramas; Patmos, where St. John the Divine wrote the Revelation; and Kusadasi, Turkey.

In addition to all these included sights, Globus has included some unique experiences for you to get a true sense of Greek life. Enjoy a cooking demonstration to learn how to make the traditional Greek tzatziki appetizer. Also enjoy a dance lesson, where you’ll learn how to dance the sirtaki.

From the picturesque fishing villages and stunning islands to ancient historic sights, this Greece cruise tour is a dream vacation!

Ship Information
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Three-night cruise to Mykonos, Kusadasi (Turkey), Patmos, Heraklion, Santorini

Headsets throughout the tour

Cruise Details:

  • Rotation of ports of call may vary for congestion reasons at certain ports with or without prior notice.
  • Cabin categories: Inside cabin (category IC) Outside cabin (category XD)
  • All cabins with two lower beds and private shower and toilet.
  • Full entertainment program on board.
  • Globus Host service throughout the cruise.
  • Please ask your Travel Consultant for cruise ship details.
  • The ship scheduled to depart for the cruise portion of your vacation is the Celestyal Olympia, operated by Celestyal Cruises. Certain departures may be operated by other Celestyal Cruises ships of similar standard.


  • Please check visa requirements with your local consulate(s); responsibility for obtaining visas rests with the traveler.

DAY 1Athens, Greece

Welcome to Athens! At 6 pm, meet your traveling companions for a welcome drink with your Tour Director.


DAY 2Athens

Sightseeing with a Local Guide features a visit to the Parthenon’s crowning beauty atop the ACROPOLIS, the Erechtheum with its Porch of Maidens, the beautifully preserved Theseum, Roman temple dedicated to Zeus, Theater of Dionysus, and the Agora where Socrates taught. Vistas of the government buildings and elegant homes in the modern city provide a striking contrast to the remains of the glorious past. Tonight is your chance to join an optional dinner outing to try out local fare. (Breakfast)

The Parthenon The Parthenon is a temple to the Greek goddess Athena 

DAY 3Athens–Corinth–Mycenae–Epidaurus–Nauplia

Cross the spectacular Corinth Canal, then visit ANCIENT CORINTH, where St. Paul preached. Two highlights today: MYCENAE, where 19th-century excavations reveal impressions of the splendors so vividly described by Homer. Admire the Beehive Tombs, the Treasury of Atreus, Lion Gate, Europe’s oldest known monument, remains of Agamemnon’s Royal Palace, and the impressive fortifications of the Citadel. Also visit the museum. Then, a short drive to EPIDAURUS for a tour of its amazingly well-preserved 2,300-year-old open-air theater. Overnight in nearby Nauplia. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Corinth Canal in Greece Ancient Corinth Ancient amphitheater in Epidaurus, Greece 

DAY 4Nauplia–Olympia

Spectacular scenery on the way through the Arkadian Mountains. Then, spend the afternoon in OLYMPIA, where the athletes of antiquity competed in honor of the king of deities. Learn about the history of those original Olympic Games as you walk among the impressive remains of the Gymnasium and the Temples of Hera and Zeus. Also visit the MUSEUM that displays Praxiteles’ magnificent statue of Hermes. Tonight, Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite enjoy a COOKING DEMONSTRATION and learn how to make the traditional Greek tzatziki appetizer. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Olympia is the founding city of the Olympics, dated from 776 B.C.E. 
Ancient Olympia: The Origins of the Games

Ancient Olympia: The Origins of the Games

"While centuries of weather and wear have left the site of the original Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece, in ruins, you can easily imagine the 30,000-seat stadium packed with fans. As you venture here, a palpable sense of the incredible feats that occurred on this hallowed ground will overtake you. The first Olympic Games were part of a religious festival held in honor of Zeus in 776 B.C. and were open to all male Greeks (and later, Romans). Athletes traveled to Olympia from as far away as Iberia (Spain) in the east and the Black Sea (Turkey) in the west. And while Greek city-states were often at odds with each other, a sacred truce during the games helped channel their hostile opposition into athletic competition instead. The ancient Olympic festival lasted five days and included wrestling, chariot and horse racing, the pentathlon and the pancratium (a vicious form of no-hols-barred boxing)."

DAY 5Olympia–Patras–Delphi

Via the busy seaport of Patras, proceed through the picturesque fishing villages along the south coast of the mainland to mystic Delphi. The afternoon is devoted to a fascinating tour of the ancient sanctuary of the god Apollo in its dramatic setting on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Hear about the Oracle and tour the EXCAVATIONS. End the day with a visit to the ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM to admire the Charioteer, an extraordinary 5th-century BC bronze statue. A highlight this evening is Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite a DANCE LESSON, where you’ll learn how to dance the sirtaki, made famous in the movie Zorba the Greek, accompanied by a glass of the traditional Ouzo. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Delphi, Greece, known in ancient times known as the Navel of the Earth Delphi Ruins Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece 

DAY 6Delphi–Meteora Area

Drive past Lamia and Trikala to Kalambaka in the unreal, fantastic landscape of Meteora with its 24 rock-top monasteries. Visit VARLAAM MONASTERY, famous for its frescoes, and ST. STEPHEN’S MONASTERY, featuring a unique collection of icons and an incredible panoramic view (ladies are suggested to pack one long skirt, as shorts or trousers may be inappropriate when visiting the monasteries). (Breakfast, Dinner)

The monasteries in Meteora, Greece are built on natural sandstone rock pillars In Meteora, Greece monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars The Meteora monastery in Greece Meteora is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece 

DAY 7Meteora Area–Thermopylae–Athens

Today’s highlight is a guided visit to THERMOPYLAE, the site of the heroic battle of Leonidas’ 300 doomed Spartans against Xerxes’ huge Persian army. On the way back to Athens, your Tour Director will tell you about Thebes, the setting of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, and Marathon, where 10,000 Athenians defeated more than twice that number of Persian invaders in 490 BC. Enjoy an optional dinner in a romantic restaurant. (Breakfast)


DAY 8Athens–Lavrion (Embarkation)–Mykonos

Head for Lavrion, where at 11 am you will sail into the deep-blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Later, dock at the mountainous island of Mykonos with its characteristic windmills and dazzling white houses. Time to wander at whim through narrow paved streets before returning on board. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (Breakfast)

The gorgeous coastline in Mykonos Enjoy a spectacular sunset in Mykonos 

DAY 9Cruising: Kusadasi, Turkey–Patmos, Greece

Two ports of call today. First, Kusadasi on the Turkish coast. An optional excursion is available to the fascinating Greek, Roman, and Byzantine excavations of Ephesus. Next, discover the tiny Greek island of Patmos, where St. John the Divine wrote the Revelation. The 11th-century monastery with its valuable manuscript collection is well worth a visit. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

The ancient site of Ephesus in Turkey Ephesus is one of the most beautiful and ancient sites, once known as the capital of the Asian Province of the Roman Empire Discover the Turkish port of Kusadasi Explore the tiny Greek island of Patmos 

DAY 10Cruising: Heraklion, Crete–Santorini, Greece

First port of call today is Heraklion on Crete. A few miles away is Knossos, the center of the 3000 BC Minoan civilization, and an optional excursion can be booked. Afternoon call (weather permitting) at Santorini, the “Black Pearl of the Aegean.” Join one of the optional shore excursions either to the volcano or up to the cliff-top village of Oia for one of the world’s most breathtaking panoramas. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Experience the beautiful views Greece has to offer Discover Santorini Discover Santorini, Greece, the Black Pearl of the Aegean Santorini, Greece 

DAY 11Lavrion (Disembarkation)–Athens

After breakfast on board, disembark at Lavrion and return to Athens. The rest of the day is free. (Breakfast)


DAY 12Athens

Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (Breakfast)



Motorcoach; Boat Cruise. Free Wi-Fi available on your motorcoach and in most hotel lobbies.

Welcome drink in Athens; full buffet breakfast daily; 3 lunches; 4 three-course dinners with wine; 3 à-la-carte dinners while cruising

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The following UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be seen or visited on the Classical Greece with Iconic Aegean 3-Night Cruise:

  • Acropolis Athens
  • Archaeolgical Site of Delphi
  • Archaelogical Site of Olympia
  • Meteroa
  • Meteora