Britain & Ireland in Depth (GT) - 2016

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25 Day Tour from London to London

Britain & Ireland in Depth
Atop the famous Edinburgh rock, the Edinburgh Castle provides panoramic views
Atop the famous Edinburgh rock, the Edinburgh Castle provides panoramic views
Giants Causeway
Take in the beautiful scenery of the Killarney National Park
Giants Causeway
The Ring of Kerry is located in County Kerry, Ireland
The Blenheim Palace in England
Enjoy the beautiful views along the Ring of Kerry in Ireland
Enjoy the panoramic views of Scotland from the Isle of Skye
Cliffs of Moher

Vacation Overview

Traveling through the small towns and larger cities, this Britain and Ireland tour is our most complete view of the British Isles. On any tour through Britain and Ireland you’d expect to visit ancient ruins, majestic castles and palaces, magnificent cathedrals, and historical sights. That’s why Globus has included visitations to prehistoric Stonehenge; the ancient Roman ruins in Bath; Edinburgh Castle, dating to the 12th century; Holyrood Palace, The Queen’s official residence in Scotland; Floors Castle, Scotland’s largest inhabited castle; Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill; Cawdor Castle, the romantic castle dating to the 14th century; Royal Pavilion, an exotic palace built in the early 1800s; St. Paul’s Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece; and Canterbury Cathedral, to where pilgrims have made their way since the Middle Ages.

You’d also expect lush landscapes and breathtaking scenery. That’s why Globus has included a photo at England’s breathtaking Land’s End; a drive on the 100-mile Ring of Kerry, with its rugged and magnificent landscapes; stunning scenery on Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula; the spectacular 668-foot Cliffs of Moher; Northern Ireland’s awe-inspiring Giant’s Causeway, formed millions of years ago; a scenic drive through Snowdonia National Park in Wales; England’s tranquil Lake District; the Isle of Skye, with some of Scotland’s best scenery; and much more.

What you may not expect on a Britain and Ireland tour are special and unique experiences. That’s where Globus is different and has included them. For example, you’ll enjoy a cruise on Plymouth Sound, one of the world’s great natural harbors, and you’ll have fun joining the locals for dinner and traditional Irish music at a local pub in Killarney.
Castles, palaces, cathedrals, ancient sights, breathtaking scenery, special treats, and so much more are offered on this in-depth Britain and Ireland tour. A vacation of a lifetime!

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Guided sightseeing, visit St. Paul’s Cathedral & see the Changing of the Guard, if held

Visit the cathedral

Royal Pavilion tour; welcome dinner

Visit the prehistoric monument

Take pictures of St. Michael’s Mount, visit Land’s End & St. Ives; Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite Cornish pasty treat; Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite Plymouth Sound cruise;

Visit the Roman relics

Visit the historical market town;

Cross St. George’s Channel by ferry

Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite Enjoy an Irish Coffee demonstration; guided tour of the House of Waterford Crystal

Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite Enjoy dinner and music at Scruffys pub

Scenic peninsula drive

Visit the Blasket Islands Centre

Admire the thatched cottages

Savor the spectacular views

Visit W.B. Yeats’ grave

Guided tour of the pottery

Visit Giant’s Causeway

Guided “Living History” tour, visit the Titanic Exhibition

Visit the Saint Patrick Centre

Orientation drive

Cross the Irish Sea by ferry

Visit the Beatles Story

Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite Try original Grasmere gingerbread

Cross the Sound of Sleat by ferry

Visit the Museum of the Isles at the Clan Donald Centre

Visit the Highland capital

Visit the battle site’s visitor center

Visit the castle and gardens;

Guided sightseeing, visit Edinburgh Castle & Holyrood Palace

Visit the Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe’s castle

Walking tour

Take pictures of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, visit Shakespeare’s birthplace

Guided tour of the palace


  • Edinburgh Military Tattoo ticket included for departures July 18 through August 08

DAY 1Arrive in London, England

Welcome to London! Uniformed Globus Hosts are available to help you make the most of your stay.

London’s Tower Bridge over the River Thames The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel Ride the iconic double decker bus in London Marvel at the architecture of the infamous Big Ben in London 

DAY 2London

Morning sightseeing with a Local Guide includes all the famous landmarks: the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben beside the Thames River, Westminster Abbey, Whitehall’s mounted horseguards and the Prime Minister’s Downing Street, Piccadilly Circus, and Buckingham Palace. Highlights are a visit to ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL and the ceremonial pageantry of the Changing of the Guard, if held. (Breakfast)

Overlooking The Houses of Parliament along the north bank of the Thames River Westminster Abbey – the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English monarchs 
Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard

"Changing the Guard dates to Henry VII (reigned 1485-1509) and was designed to show military discipline as well as ceremony. The tall bearskin hats were introduced in the 18th century to make the soldiers look taller and thus more frightening, and they were adopted for ceremonial use in 1832. The ceremony we know today started in the late 1800s and involves real soldiers who fulfill all military duties, guarding the Queen being just part of their service."
Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

"Big Ben may be the most famous feature of the Houses of Parliament, but equally impressive is the hammerbeam ceiling of Westminster Hall. The Hall dates back to 1097 and, at that time, the roof was supported by pillars. During the reign of King Richard II (14th century), however, it was replaced by the hammerbeam roof seen today. This roof – its beauty and sustainability – is even more impressive when you know its history. It was built with beams made from trees that were ancient at the time, reputedly acorns, dating back to the 6th century (or earlier). If only these walls (beams, rather) could talk!"
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

"Amid the splendor of modern cities it’s hard to imagine what places looked like before they became what we know today. In a previous incarnation, the ground where Buckingham Palace now stands was a mulberry garden cultivated by King James I as food for silkworms. The silk industry he hoped to nurture never materialized, and eventually a roadhouse was built there, followed in due course by the Blake House, Goring House and Arlington House.Originally known as the Buckingham House, built as a townhouse by the Duke of Buckingham in 1709, the estate was acquired by King George III in 1762."

DAY 3London–Canterbury–Brighton

Meet your Tour Director and traveling companions and depart London at 8 am. Drive through the orchards of Kent to visit CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL, where you hear about the Black Prince and Thomas à Becket. Then, in the Regency seaside resort of Brighton, tour the exotic ROYAL PAVILION, built for the Prince Regent in the early 1800s. Tonight, enjoy a welcome dinner with wine at your hotel. (Breakfast, Dinner)

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is the former residence for the Royal family Pomp-and-ceremony in London 
Thomas a Becket

Thomas a Becket

"Without Thomas à Becket there would have been no Canterbury pilgrimage, thus no Canterbury Tales, and we would have lost one of the English language’s greatest literary works. What would Geoffrey Chaucer have written about instead? Thomas à Becket was not always the saintly figure he’s known as today. When he was young, he made his way in the secular world running the civil service for his childhood friend King Henry II. When King Henry appointed him Archbishop of Canterbury, assuming his friend and servant would help reform the clergy, he got a big surprise. It was during this time that Becket found his true calling, perhaps for the first time in his life, as a servant of God, not the King. Unfortunately, this God-focused mission found him accidentally murdered. Murder – an accident? Yes! King Henry’s knights misinterpreted the king’s outburst, “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” (or “low born priest” or “low born clerk,” depending on the source), as an order and killed Becket. "
Canterbury Cathedral and The Black Prince

Canterbury Cathedral and The Black Prince

"Prince Edward, who would have become King Edward IV had he outlived his father, wanted to be buried in the crypt at Canterbury Cathedral, but he was so beloved for his prowess in battle that he was placed near the high altar to be closer to Thomas à Becket, the figure who is known for the Canterbury Pilgrimage that inspired the world-famous Canterbury Tales. In history, Prince Edward will be remembered as the Black Prince although the origins of this nickname are disputed, given the fact that the nickname originated after Edward’s death. Many historians believe “The Black Prince” refers to the black armor Edward’s father dressed him in as he descended into battle at age 16. And, the French refer to Prince Edward as “Le Noir” thanks to his conquests against them and cruelty in battle he became known for – another possible source of the nickname. "

DAY 4Brighton–Stonehenge–Plymouth

This morning, visit prehistoric STONEHENGE and its stunning visitor center before traveling through Salisbury Plain and along the Dartmoor National Park to Plymouth. Upon arrival, hear about Sir Francis Drake and see the Mayflower Steps, where the Pilgrim Fathers embarked in 1620. This evening, why not join an optional excursion into Dartmoor National Park for an evening of storytelling at a local pub? (Breakfast)

The Salisbury Cathedral in England 


"Built in several stages starting around 3,000 BC, Stonehenge remains one of humankind’s biggest mysteries. While science is still trying to determine the purpose behind this famous prehistoric monument, it is generally assumed to be some sort of astronomical observatory that reflects the changing trajectory of the sun through the sky and the seasons"

DAY 5Plymouth. Cornwall Excursion

A day full of West Country sights as you head through Daphne du Maurier’s Cornwall, where you will be treated to an authentic Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite CORNISH PASTY. After viewing St. Michael’s Mount, rising boldly out of the sea, take photos at Land’s End before exploring the popular seaside resort of St. Ives. Then, follow in the footsteps of Drake, Raleigh, and the Pilgrim Fathers with a Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite CRUISE on Plymouth Sound, one of the world’s great natural harbors. You will also have time at the historic Plymouth Barbican to see the Mayflower Steps. (Breakfast, Dinner)


DAY 6Plymouth–Glastonbury–Bath–Newport, Wales

In Glastonbury, hear about King Arthur, and in Bath, see the amazing excavations of the ROMAN BATHS. Overnight is in Newport. Why not join an evening of Welsh entertainment and dinner tonight? (Breakfast)

The Roman Baths once served as a complex for public bathing 

DAY 7Newport–Brecon–Carmarthen–Waterford, Ireland

Your journey through Wales takes you north along the Usk Valley and through Brecon, a historical market town in the Brecon Beacons National Park, to Carmarthen and then to Fishguard. Cross St. George’s Channel to Rosslare in Ireland and proceed to Waterford, a stronghold founded by the Danish Vikings in 853. After dinner, enjoy an Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite IRISH COFFEE DEMONSTRATION. (Breakfast, Dinner)


DAY 8Waterford–Blarney–Killarney

Start your day with a guided tour of the HOUSE OF WATERFORD CRYSTAL. Then, in Blarney, renowned for its magical Kissing Stone, there is time to walk up to the castle and to shop for traditional Irish handicrafts before continuing to the popular resort town of Killarney, your County Kerry base for the next three nights. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Blarney Castle and the Stone of Eloquence Take in the beautiful scenery of the Killarney National Park 

DAY 9At Leisure in Killarney

A full day to relax or join our optional excursion that includes a horse-drawn jaunting car ride through Killarney National Park to Ross Castle, and a boat ride to Innisfallen Abbey and across the lakes to Muckross House. After lunch on your own, the excursion continues with a visit to the house and gardens, returning to your hotel mid-afternoon. Later, walk to Scruffys pub for Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite DINNER and join the locals in an evening full of live, traditional Irish music. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Ross Castle, located in Killarney National Park 

DAY 10Killarney. Ring of Kerry Excursion

Start a scenic day with a drive to Killorglin on Dingle Bay, and join the spectacular RING OF KERRY for a 100-mile panoramic drive around the island’s southwestern tip. Take photos of the Lakes of Killarney from Ladies View. How about joining an entertaining optional evening in Tralee, with dinner and tickets for the National Folk Theatre? (Breakfast)

Enjoy the beautiful views along the Ring of Kerry in Ireland The Ring of Kerry is located in County Kerry, Ireland View the Ring of Kerry in southwest Ireland 

DAY 11Killarney–Dingle Penninsula–Adare–Limerick

Breathtaking scenery on Dingle Peninsula. At the BLASKET ISLANDS CENTRE, learn about the way of life on the remote islands evacuated by its inhabitants in 1953. Via quaint Adare, head for the city of Limerick. Tonight’s optional recommendation: a medieval banquet. (Breakfast)


DAY 12Limerick–Cliffs of Moher–Galway-Knock–Sligo

Motor to the spectacular CLIFFS OF MOHER, rising 668 feet above the Atlantic. Via the limestone plateau of The Burren and Galway—a popular seaside destination and a buzzing cosmopolitan center with cobblestone streets, colorful shops, and a busy café and bar culture—reach Knock, a village that attracts pilgrims from all over the world. Then, spend the night in Sligo. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Cliffs of Moher Visit the Cliffs of Moher and see some of Ireland’s most spectacular views Cliffs of Moher 

DAY 13Sligo–Drumcliff–Belleek, Northern Ireland–Derry-Giant's Causeway–Belfast

A fascinating day today: the grave of native son and poet W.B. Yeats in Drumcliff; BELLEEK POTTERY, renowned for its exquisite Parian china; Derry, one of the finest examples of a walled city; and awe-inspiring GIANT’S CAUSEWAY, composed of thousands of strangely symmetrical basalt columns jutting out to sea. Overnight in the vibrant city of Belfast. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Giants Causeway Giants Causeway Giants Causeway Giants Causeway 

DAY 14Belfast–Downpatrick–Dublin, Ireland

This morning’s highlights are a “living history” orientation drive with a Local Guide and a visit to the fascinating TITANIC EXHIBITION. Learn all about the building of the largest passenger steamship, its maiden voyage, and the tragic night of April 14, 1912. Travel to Downpatrick and visit the inspiring SAINT PATRICK CENTRE before you drive back again into the Republic. Why not join an optional cabaret evening with dinner, followed by dance, song, and laughter? (Breakfast)


DAY 15Dublin

Your orientation drive in the “Fair City” includes statue-lined O’Connell Street, elegant Georgian Squares, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Oscar Wilde’s Trinity College. The afternoon is at leisure. Top the day with an optional dinner evening at the Guinness Storehouse. (Breakfast)

Enjoy the beautiful campus of the renowned Trinity College 

DAY 16Dublin–North Wales–Liverpool, England

Back across the Irish Sea for a photo stop at tongue-twisting Llanfair…, on the Welsh Isle of Anglesey, a scenic drive through Snowdonia National Park, over spectacular Llanberis Pass, and via pretty Betws-y-Coed to Liverpool. (Breakfast)

Enjoy the historic architecture of downtown Liverpool Flags along the windy streets of Liverpool 

DAY 17Liverpool–Grasmere–Gretna Green, Scotland–Glasgow

Start the day with a visit to the award-winning BEATLES STORY, an atmospheric journey into the life, times, culture, and music of the “Fab Four.” Enter the tranquil Lake District, and in Grasmere, home of poet William Wordsworth, try original Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite GRASMERE GINGERBREAD. Then, head north for the Scottish border and to Gretna Green, where the blacksmith used to wed runaway couples. Overnight is in Glasgow. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow, Scotland 
Gretna Green

Gretna Green

"There are many legends of love that surround Gretna Green – the first town encountered across the Scottish border. For centuries, Gretna Green has been synonymous with elopement and blacksmith marriages, although marriage by a blacksmith is more legend than fact. Until the 18th century, church marriages among the lower classes in Europe were almost unheard of. Instead, lower class weddings were usually looked at as “marriage by declaration.” When England passed the Marriage Act of 1754, establishing church weddings as the only legal form of marriage, a sudden industry began over the border in Scotland, where couples could still wed by declaration. Scottish “blacksmith priests” began working in pubs and inns and the eloping couples came in droves."

DAY 18Glasgow–Fort William–Isle of Skye–Inverness

Follow the “Bonnie Banks” of Loch Lomond, then proceed via Rannoch Moor, Glen Coe, and Fort William, and follow the “Road to the Isles” to Mallaig, where you board your FERRY for the crossing to the Isle of Skye. Visit the MUSEUM OF THE ISLES, then return to the mainland and trace the shores of Loch Ness on the way to Inverness. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Loch Lomond Enjoy the panoramic views of Scotland from the Isle of Skye Loch Lomond 

DAY 19Inverness. Highlands Excursion

Fascinating visits on today’s excursion. At CULLODEN VISITOR CENTRE, the story unfolds of the crushing Hanoverian victory over Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Scottish clans. Then, call at CAWDOR CASTLE, set in stunning grounds with beautiful gardens, and home to the Thanes of Cawdor since 1370. Back in Inverness, the rest of the day is at leisure. Our recommendation would be to join the Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle optional excursion, which includes a cruise on the loch. (Breakfast)


DAY 20Inverness–Braemar–St. Andrews–Edinburgh

Main features today: Braemar, home of the Royal Highland Games;
St. Andrews, whose Royal and Ancient Golf Club has given us the rules of golfing; and the Forth Road Bridge to Edinburgh. Tonight, an optional Scottish evening with Highland dancers, bagpipers, and the Ceremony of the Haggis. For departures July 18 through August 8, tickets are included for tonight’s performance of the world-renowned MILITARY TATTOO. (Breakfast)

View over Auld Reekie in Edinburgh, Scotland Enjoy the sounds of bagpipes and drums at the Military Tattoo performance 

DAY 21Edinburgh

Morning city sightseeing with a Local Guide introduces you to the 200-year-old “New Town” as well as the “Old Town.” Drive up the narrow Royal Mile to visit EDINBURGH CASTLE, then explore HOLYROOD PALACE (when available). The afternoon is free to enjoy the Scottish capital at your own pace. Later, a unique optional experience: board the former Royal Yacht Britannia, once the perfect residence for glittering state visits and family vacations, and enjoy dinner at a local restaurant. (Breakfast)

For over forty years, the Royal Yacht served the British Royal Family.  Britannia is now a unique five-star visitor experience; come and tour five decks of this historic ship. Atop the famous Edinburgh rock, the Edinburgh Castle provides panoramic views The Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh serves as the offical residence of the Queen The Edinburgh Castle dominating the skyline of Edinburgh, Scotland 

DAY 22Edinburgh–Jedburgh–York, England

This morning, visit FLOORS CASTLE, the Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe’s family home and the largest inhabited castle in Scotland. Later, pass the house of Mary, Queen of Scots, and in York, England’s most complete medieval city, follow your Tour Director through a maze of quaint streets, including the narrow Shambles. (Breakfast, Dinner)


DAY 23York–Coventry–Stratford-Upon-Avon

In Coventry, view the splendid modern cathedral, which rose from the rubble of severe World War II bombings, and in Stratford-upon-Avon, take pictures of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and visit SHAKESPEARE’S BIRTHPLACE. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Shakespeares Birthplace 

DAY 24Stratford-Upon-Avon–London

A final highlight: enjoy a guided tour of magnificent BLENHEIM PALACE, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, and there is also time to explore the landscaped parkland. Return to London around 3:30 pm. How about celebrating the success of your vacation by taking in a West End show? (Breakfast)

The Blenheim Palace in England 

DAY 25London

Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (Breakfast)



Motorcoach; ferries Fishguard-Rosslare, Dublin-Holyhead, Mallaig-Armadale. Free Wi-Fi available on your motorcoach and in most hotel lobbies.

Full English breakfast daily; 11 three-course dinners with wine and choice of menus, including a welcome dinner in Brighton, and 1 dinner at a local pub in Killarney

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The following UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be seen or visited on the Britain & Ireland in Depth:

  • Blenheim Palace
  • Canterbury Cathedral
  • City of Bath
  • Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape
  • Frontiers of the Roman Empire
  • Giant's Causeway and Causeway Coast
  • Liverpool - Maritime Mercantile City
  • Old and New Towns of Edinburgh
  • Stonehenge
  • Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret's Church