Student Travel & Escorted Group Vacations

Student Travel & Escorted Group Vacations

We know what you’re thinking, “Aren’t I already traveling with a group when I choose an escorted vacation?” Well, in fact, you are. But you may be looking to travel with a special group of people on an escorted vacation, in which case we’d like to give you a little extra attention, and when applicable, a discount.

Escorted vacations are ideal for group travel. Planning a family reunion? Putting together a trip for your school? Is your church organizing a religious or secular journey? The types of groups we can cater to are as varied as our vacations.

Group Travel Is Easy with Globus

Travel is responsible for some of life’s most memorable moments. Celebrating a life milestone or simply enjoying the vacation of a lifetime are just a few of the reasons people crave to travel. And when people can share those experiences with friends and loved ones, those memories last forever. Group travel is fun, rewarding and sometimes even life changing. So gather some of your closest confidants and plan a group vacation with Globus.

  • Hundreds of vacation options – Globus offers an unrivaled selection of nearly 400 vacations to more than 70 countries on six continents. In our more than 85 years of showing travelers the world, we’ve refined the art of travel – selecting the most intriguing sights around the world, from the most sought after to the hidden treasures along the way.
  • Discounts for group travelers – It only takes eight people to form a group for any of our land-based escorted vacations, and the eighth traveler saves 50% on the land price of the vacation. Plus the 16th traveler travels for free (land only). The discount can be used to save everyone a little on the price of their vacation or to treat a special person in your group, such as your mother as a surprise for her 60th birthday.
  • Specialized Group Department – If you have questions or are ready to book, we have specialized reservation agents who are ready to serve you. Whether it’s a small family reunion or a large affinity trip, our group department can work with you to put together the perfect vacation. They understand the uniqueness of group travel and will ensure that your booking process is smooth and effortless. Please call 866.755.8581 for more information or your preferred travel agent.
  • Trust – With more than 85 years experience, coupled with our $11 million consumer protection plan, means you can rest assured that your group is traveling with a credible, safe and longstanding company. Our worldwide offices and operations ensure that no matter where your group travels, their experiences will be safe, seamless and of superior quality.

Interested in Student Travel?

Experience is a great teacher. It takes standing in the middle of the Colosseum to truly appreciate the significance of Roman times. You need to be able to run your hand across the names engraved on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC to comprehend the loss. Travel has the power to open young minds, unlock possibilities, and unveil understanding where the classroom just can’t. On Student Discoveries travel programs, students pay attention, ask more questions, and actually learn more. From the sub-culture of New York City’s Chinatown to Italy’s world-changing architecture, students’ minds opens further when they’re filled with the sights and sounds of important places around the world. And what they learn on the streets of Boston or in Tower of London won’t just be filed away for a pop quiz, but for something much more important—life itself.
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Start Planning Today!

If you have a special group vacation in mind, don’t delay in planning, as many of the popular vacations and departures can fill up quickly.

If you want to call us directly, we can be reached at 866.755.8581.

  • Are you a travel agent? We appreciate working with travel agents on all their group business. If you want more information on how we support travel agents with group marketing and booking, visit or call us at 800.221.0097.
  • Are you a group leader? Do you regularly plan group vacations for an affinity group, school, church or business? If so, we can put you in contact with a professional travel agent or one of our Business Development Managers, who can work with you on your annual group travel. Visit for more information or call us at 866.821.2752.

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Build a Custom Group Vacation

If you have 20 or more travelers and would like to create a custom tour, we can work with you. When you request a custom itinerary, a Custom Tour Associate will contact you to discuss your trip in more detail.

Every group is different and we are happy to cater to special interests such as affinity, alumni, family, religious, incentive or student groups – or even to simply appeal to that sophisticated group who has “been there, done that.” Your group will enjoy the same high-quality vacation they have come to expect from Globus, but with the added benefit of it being uniquely designed for them.
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