Reviews & Testimonials


London & Country Vacation

"Globus certainly delivered a top-notch London & Country tour that provided the perfect balance between guided sightseeing and free time-exactly what we were looking for. Our Tour Director was amazing...such a witty woman and so helpful and professional. No complaints about the trip-except that it was too short for us! I will recommend Globus to everyone. "


Spain at Leisure Vacation

"Spain at Leisure really was wonderful. It afforded freedom to those who want it, yet also offered planned and optional activities. The trip afforded me the opportunity to get a feel for the individual cities we visited and I have already started research on where I want to travel with Globus next!"

Robyn Johnson-Alsop

South America, France, England, Scotland, and Wales Vacations

"We love Globus!! We've taken 3 trips over the past 4 years (South America-Galapagos & Machu Picchu; river cruise in France, and a tour of England, Scotland & Wales). The staff and crew on each have been phenomenal, and we've met so many wonderful people from other countries who have traveled with us. We highly recommend Globus to anyone wanting an exceptional travel experience!"


The Aurelian Vacation

"I was on a recent Globus trip—The Aurelian. Our Tour Director, Giuseppe, and the driver, Pino, were both outstanding. They made my trip exceptionally wonderful. Since this was my first trip to Europe, it was fully appreciated."


Southern Italy Vacation

"Globus holds a place in my heart. I traveled to southern Italy with Globus two summers ago (a single lady) for the best trip of my life. Joining a small group of 28 folks, our fabulous guide, Salvatore from Sorrento, was totally enlightening, professional, and brought our group "together" during the two weeks. Thank you for truly living your brand and representing such a beautiful company, from the reservation process right down to the return flight to Dulles. Life is good with Globus!!"

Liza Manuel

Christmastime in Eastern Europe Vacation

"Globus, you guys are awesome. On the "Christmastime in Eastern Europe" tour, my mum had a medical emergency the morning we were to depart for Prague. Our guide, Martina, arranged everything in the hotel in Berlin to make sure we could stay as long as we needed. She arranged for the concierge to help with rail tickets, as well. You can always tell when a company is outstanding when they react so well when things don't go as planned. Thank you so much for making a horrible situation more bearable."


Grand Tour of Italy & Sicily Vacation

"I just returned from Globus' Grand Tour of Italy & Sicily—my best tour ever, in large part due to your excellent Tour Director, Remo. I recently lost both of my parents, who were natives of Sicily. Thus, I had an intense desire to connect with my heritage. I was eager to contact my aunt Carmela, who lives near Messina. She speaks no English, and it would have been difficult to communicate. When my efforts to contact her failed, Remo discovered I had the wrong telephone number, went the extra step to find the correct number, and eloquently conveyed to my aunt the words I had longed to say. I will forever be grateful for this extraordinary gesture. You can be certain I will be taking more Globus tours in the future."


Europe, Alaska, and Asia

"I had always wanted to go to Europe. I was living in New Jersey and walked into a travel agent's office and told her the type of trip I wanted. She gave me a Globus tour book. Eleven days later, I was on my way. It was truly an adventure. I met a lady friend, Lyn, from Long Beach, and made two friends from Oakland. I have since relocated and now live in Long Beach also. Lyn and I have taken several Globus tours, from Alaska and Europe to Russia and Japan, and many points in between. The four of us are now preparing to go to China and Tibet in September. All this happened because of that Globus tour."

Terri Pisciotta

Best of Italy Vacation

"I went on a Globus "Best of Italy" tour and I will be a Globus fan forever! The trip was AMAZING! One of the reasons it was so amazing was because of our tour director, Vicki Facchinetti. She made the trip more than I could have hoped for and made us all feel like one big happy family. I loved her. Thanks, Vicki and Globus!"


California Classics Vacation

"The Globus brand of travel services is the best in the world. I waited a long time to take my California Classics tour. My tour guide, Jim, was the most helpful and informative person I have ever met. He went way above to make sure we all were having the best time we could have. I plan to go on another trip with Globus in the future."

Maxine Darden

"I like traveling with Globus because they take care of everything. All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself. I plan to take many more trips with them. So far, I think I enjoyed Italy the most of all. I enjoyed it so much I would like to go back on my own. "


Grand Hawaii Vacation

"Our Grand Hawaii Vacation was one of the best of my life! Beautiful scenery, great food, meeting new and exciting people, and experiencing a new adventure every day. It's going to be hard to go back home. Thank you, Globus. I will cherish these memories forever."

Susan Pearlman

Down Under Discovery Vacation

"Just returned from Globus' "Down Under Discovery". What an adventure! One day I was exploring a glow worm cave, another I was hiking on a glacier, another I was snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, and another I was having an elegant meal in front of the Sydney Opera House. The Outback BBQ was so much fun, and I got to see a geyser, kiwis, penguins, kangaroos, and koalas up close. Jo was an amazing guide—very knowledgeable and handled every situation professionally. This was the best vacation. A terrific itinerary...really gave the highlights of this part of the world, and many free days to do optional excursions or take a day to rest up. It was truly a trip of a lifetime."


South American Sampler Vacation

"Our South American Sampler trip was one of the world's ultimate journeys. Lost empires, archaeological gems, natural wonders, and foremost cities captured our admiration. Most of all, the experience – priceless."


Legacy of the Incas Vacation

"Our Globus Legacy of the Incas trip was simply awesome! No matter how many pictures you have ever seen in National Geographic, it cannot compare to the feeling you get when you are finally there and see it all with your own eyes. It was a wonderful itinerary and, as usual, they utilized our time perfectly—a very pleasant & rewarding 17 days."

Marilou Nelson

A Taste of Italy Vacation

"Just returned from "A Taste of Italy". Saw and did a lot I had not done on other trips with Globus in this area. Our wonderful guide, Igor, and good bus driver, Edwardo, made the trip even better. Love Globus! This trip was number 15. Plan to keep on traveling with them."