Poland, East Germany & World War II (RV) - 2014 / 2015

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12 Day Tour from Warsaw to Munich

Poland, East Germany & World War II
Munich, Germanys Secret Capital
Bachs Leipzig
Stroll through the historic Krakow Square in Poland
View Marienplatz in Munich, Germany
Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland
The historic centre of Warsaw
Dresden, Germany, situated along the River Elbe
Nuremberg is a city located in the state of Bavaria, Germany

Vacation Overview

This is the perfect vacation for those who are interested in World War II, historical Poland, and the concentration camps that are living memorials of those days. Start in Warsaw and see the city before and after wartime destruction during a moving film in the Historical Museum. Next, visit Jasna Góra, the monastery near Czestochowa, to admire the Black Madonna, the country’s national symbol, on your way to Krakow, where a special visit to the Oskar Schindler Factory, made famous in the movie Schindler’s List, is included. Visit what is left of the Auschwitz concentration camp, and in Wroclaw, admire the cathedral and the market square. Continue to Dresden, badly damaged during the war but now restored to its baroque splendor, and visit the courtyard of Zwinger Palace during your guided walking tour. Also enjoy a special dinner with local specialties in the well-known Am Pulverturm restaurant. Stop in Meissen. to visit the porcelain factory; in Torgau, to see the monument commemorating the meeting of US and Soviet forces during World War II; in Leipzig, to visit the Thomaskirche; and in Weimar, to visit the Herder Church. Also visit former Buchenwald concentration camp on your way to Erfurt. In Nuremberg, visit Zeppelin Field, the impressive Documentation Center, and taste the traditional Nürnberger Bratwürste, before arriving in Munich, where you will visit the former Dachau concentration camp. Enjoy a farewell dinner with your traveling companions to share your feelings after this exciting and emotional encounter with World War II.

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Headsets throughout the tour


  • Please check visa requirements with your local consulate(s); responsibility for obtaining visas rests with the traveler.

DAY 1Arrive in Warsaw, Poland

Welcome to Warsaw! At 6 pm, meet your Tour Director and traveling companions and leave the hotel for a special welcome dinner with wine at one of Warsaw’s excellent restaurants. (Dinner)

The historic centre of Warsaw 

DAY 2Warsaw

Your Local Guide will tell you about the tormented, often tragic history of this important gateway city between East and West. See the medieval Stare Miasto (Old Quarter) with its market square and 14th-century CATHEDRAL OF ST. JOHN, the “wedding cake” Palace of Culture and Science, neoclassical Lazienki Palace, and the remnants of the Jewish ghetto. In the HISTORICAL MUSEUM a moving film shows the city before and after wartime destruction. An optional excursion to Wilanow Castle is available. (Breakfast)


DAY 3Warsaw–Czestochowa–Krakow

Visit JASNA GÓRA, the monastery near Czestochowa, and admire its BLACK MADONNA, which is venerated as the “Queen of Poland” and has become the country’s national symbol. Continue to Krakow, for centuries the residence of Polish kings. Your sightseeing with a Local Guide in ancient Krakow features the Market Square, the 14th-century Jagiellonian University, and ST. MARY’S CHURCH. Take pictures of the impressive Wawel Royal Castle, (Breakfast, Dinner)

Wawel Royal Castle Stroll through the historic Krakow Square in Poland 

DAY 4Krakow

This morning there is a chance to join an optional excursion to the salt mines. Then, enjoy Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite a special guided visit to the OSKAR SCHINDLER FACTORY, made famous in the movie Schindler’s List. How about tonight’s optional Polish dinner and folklore show? (Breakfast)


DAY 5Krakow–Auschwitz–Wroclaw

Stop in Auschwitz and visit what is left of the CONCENTRATION CAMP, a chilling reminder of the Holocaust and the most notorious among the World War II concentration camps. Continue to Wroclaw, the historical capital of Silesia. This impressive city belonged over the ages to Bohemia, Austria, Prussia, Germany, and after 1945 to Poland. Hear about its turbulent history during your guided tour, and admire its highlights, such as the CATHEDRAL and the MARKET SQUARE with its fine patrician houses. (Breakfast, Dinner)

The gorgeous rolling hills of the Austrian countryside The beautiful Austrian landscape Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland The Austrian countryside 

DAY 6Wroclaw–Dresden, Germany

Cross the border and arrive in Dresden, former capital of Saxony. Badly damaged by Allied bombing in February 1945, the city has since been restored to its baroque splendor. During your guided walking tour, visit the Zwinger Palace COURTYARD to admire the impressive architecture of the palace, the magnificent baroque Semper Opera, originally built in 1841, once destroyed by fire, then destroyed by bombing, and finally restored in 1985, and the newly rebuilt Frauenkirche. Afterwards, Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite a great dinner with wine and local specialties awaits you in Dresden’s well-known Am Pulverturm restaurant. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Dresden, Germany, situated along the River Elbe 

DAY 7Dresden–Meissen–Torgau–Leipzig

Stop in Meissen and visit the famous PORCELAIN FACTORY for which the city is famous. Next is Torgau. Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite See the monument commemorating the meeting of US and Soviet forces during World War II, and hear about Joe Polowsky during your visit of the COURTYARD of magnificent Hartenfels Castle. Continue to Leipzig, an important center since the Middle Ages. (Breakfast)


Bach's Leipzig

"Johann Sebastian Bach was a lucky accident for Leipzig. In 1723, when the city sought a cantor for the Thomaskirche, the late gothic church in today’s Thomaskirchhof, Bach got the job only when the city’s first choice Georg Phillip Telemann refused. Their second choice turned out to be the best – and forever changed music history. "

DAY 8Leipzig

Your guided walking tour includes a visit to the THOMASKIRCHE, where Johann Sebastian Bach worked, the MUSEUM, and the Market Square with its fine renaissance buildings. Afternoon at leisure. (Breakfast, Dinner)


DAY 9Leipzig–Buchenwald–Weimar–Erfurt

This morning stop in Buchenwald at the site of the former Buchenwald CONCENTRATION CAMP. Later, drive to Weimar for a visit of HERDER CHURCH with the wonderful painted sermons. Also see the houses where great poets like Goethe and Schiller lived and the theater where the Weimer constitution was drafted. Arrive in Erfurt, where your orientation features fine gothic and renaissance buildings, and the Krämer Bridge, on which 33 dwellings are built. (Breakfast, Dinner)


DAY 10Erfurt–Nuremberg–Munich

Arrive in Nuremberg and walk through the pedestrian area of the charming Old Town, known for children’s toys and gingerbread. Admire the impressive medieval ramparts; St. Sebald Church, painstakingly reconstructed as a monument to peace from the rubble of near-total wartime destruction; and the Schöner Brunnen, a 14th-century fountain dedicated to the Holy Roman Empire. It is said that it brings good luck to spin the two brass rings. Of course, Globus Local FavoriteGlobus Local Favorite you will also taste the traditional Nürnberger Bratwürste before continuing to Zeppelin Field, where Nazi Party rallies were held between 1933 and 1938, and visit the impressive DOCUMENTATION CENTER. Next, is Munich, Bavaria’s capital. Explore MARIENPLATZ with the Old and New Town Halls, and the gothic Frauenkirche. (Breakfast)

Nuremberg is a city located in the state of Bavaria, Germany View Marienplatz in Munich, Germany 
"Munich, Germany

"Munich, Germany's Secret Capital"

"Munich is the only German metropolis that seems to have everything – wealth, beauty, prominence, fame. Some even call it Germany’s “secret capital.” Unlike Berlin, which some dub “architecturally challenged,” Munich bursts with historical buildings reconstructed after the devastation of World War II. Its grand Residenz, the former home of Bavarian kings, dominates the city center, which also boasts the flamboyant, gilded Cuvillié Theater. Nearby, the neo-gothic Neues Rathaus gives a medieval touch to the Marienplatz, the heart of Munich. "

DAY 11Munich. Excursion to Dachau

Morning visit to the site of the former Dachau CONCENTRATION CAMP, which started out as a work camp for German dissidents. Afternoon at leisure, and this evening, a farewell dinner has been prepared to say, “Auf Wiedersehen” to your travel companions and to share your feelings about this exciting and emotional encounter with World War II. (Breakfast, Dinner)


DAY 12Munich

Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (Breakfast)



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Full buffet breakfast daily; 7 three-course dinners, including a special welcome dinner in Warsaw, a special dinner in Dresden, and a farewell dinner in Munich

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The following UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be seen or visited on the Poland, East Germany & World War II:

  • Classical Weimar
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Historical Centre of Krakow
  • Historic Centre of Warsaw