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Garden Tomb
Garden Tomb
Crosses outside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem
Roman theater of Caesarea, Israel
Along the Via Dolorosa
Dead Sea
Capernaum, where Jesus recruited his first followers among the fishermen
Bet Shean
Place where Jesus was baptized in Bethany, Jordan

Optional Excursions

The following list of optional excursions are examples only for this vacation. These optional excursions might or might not be offered. Whether it's a special dinner, a local show or a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into an historical site, optional excursions are a wonderful way to enrich your vacation even further. Plus, they give you flexibility. We include the must-see sites and experiences, and we also understand that people take interest in different activities and may want to craft a more personal vacation by hand-picking optional excursions that appeal to them.

Availability is subject to sufficient participation, weather conditions, seasonal suitability, days of operation, group interests, and general feasibility for your vacation. The approximate value listed gives you a good, general idea of what you can expect to pay but may vary once you are on your vacation. Some information provided might be in a foreign currency; you can use our online currency converter for exchange rate information.

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Spectacular Light Show and Middle Eastern Dinner Join us for an unforgettable night out: hear the story of Jerusalem at a spectacular light show at the Tower of David, followed by a delicious Middle Eastern dinner. The Tower of David is an ancient citadel, near the Jaffa Gate, entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem. Built to strengthen a strategically weak point in the Old City's defenses, during the second century BCE, it was subsequently destroyed and rebuilt by, Christian, Muslim, Mamluk, and Ottoman conquerors of Jerusalem. It contains important archeological finds dating back 2,700 years. When the sun sets and dusk embraces the ancient stones, the walls of the Citadel serve as the backdrop for an evening performance in sight and sound. Amidst the archaeological remains in the Citadel's courtyard and to the sound of original music, the story of Jerusalem unfolds through giant, breathtaking, virtual reality images. The Night Spectacular uses "trompe l'oeil" technology, the stones of the walls and structures fade into the scenes and the screened images envelop the viewers and whisk them off to a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience. Finish the evening perfectly with dinner at a Middle Eastern oriented restaurant in the city.

Approximate value: $77 USD per person

The Judean Desert Including: Inn of The Good Samaritan, Israel Museum and The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Join your Tour Director for this memorable excursion. Visit the Israel Museum with the Shrine of the Book and the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest Scriptures in the world. See the extraordinary model of ancient Jerusalem at its peak in 66 CE (during the Second Temple Period). That same year the Great Revolt against the Romans broke out, resulting in the destruction of the city and the Temple. Later see the famous Holocaust Memorial at Yad Vashem. After free time for lunch, explore the "Inn of the Good Samaritan" with its amazing mosaics and artefacts exhibited at the archaeological sites. The Good Samaritan, a Christian parable, represents brotherhood and friendship, helping the injured, compassion for the less fortunate, and of acts of kindness towards others. The archaeological site has remains of inhabited caves, cisterns, and a reconstructed Byzantine church. At the museum admire beautifully exhibited mosaics from Judea, Samaria and Gaza, alongside artefacts from synagogues of the area. Later, time permitting, visit the Jerusalem Art Center, in the heart of Jerusalem. At this unique place of 14 studios, experience the real time work of leading Israeli artists and workers in the fields of Christianity and Judaism.

Approximate value: $99 USD per person

Excursion to Little Petra Enjoy a guided excursion to Little Petra or Al Beidha. Only a few miles from Petra, it was once a commercial area and on the trade route to the north and northwest. After passing the narrow cleft in the rock that forms its entrance-too narrow for laden camels to pass-it opens into three natural courtyards. Admire the facades and cisterns, interspersed with steps, some of which lead to holy places on the summits. One of the rooms is unique for its early 1st-century AD frescoed ceiling.

Approximate value: $29 USD per person