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Optional Excursions

The following list of optional excursions are examples only for this vacation. These optional excursions might or might not be offered. Whether it's a special dinner, a local show or a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into an historical site, optional excursions are a wonderful way to enrich your vacation even further. Plus, they give you flexibility. We include the must-see sites and experiences, and we also understand that people take interest in different activities and may want to craft a more personal vacation by hand-picking optional excursions that appeal to them.

Availability is subject to sufficient participation, weather conditions, seasonal suitability, days of operation, group interests, and general feasibility for your vacation. The approximate value listed gives you a good, general idea of what you can expect to pay but may vary once you are on your vacation. Some information provided might be in a foreign currency; to get an estimated price, use a currency converter for exchange rate information (pricing may vary at the time of booking).

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A Taste of London A unique chance to combine a traditional London pub experience with a relaxed, night-time river cruise, viewing some of the capital's most beautiful illuminated sights. Enjoy a three-course dinner with several local menu choices, including fish and chips and steak and ale pie at an historic London pub in the City of London. Following dinner you will enjoy scenic views from the comfort of your private cruiser. Highlights include Tower Bridge, St. Paul's and the Houses of Parliament, with commentary from your guide as you cruise along the River Thames.

Approximate value: £67 GBP per person

Shownight - Memphis (Saturday) MEMPHIS Winner of four Tony Awards® in 2010, including Best Musical, is inspired by true events from the underground dance clubs of 1950s Memphis, Tennessee. MEMPHIS follows the fame and forbidden love of a radio DJ who wants to change the world and a club singer who is ready for her big break. Join them on their incredible journey to the ends of the airwaves - filled with laughter, soul and rock n' roll!

Approximate value: £145 GBP per person

Shownight - War Horse (Saturday) War Horse, based on the beloved novel by Michael Morpurgo, is a powerfully moving and imaginative drama, filled with stirring music and magnificent artistry. South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company brings breathing, galloping, full-scale horses to life on the stage - their flanks, hides and sinews built of steel, leather and aircraft cables. Experience the emotional journey that charges through the battlefields of history straight to hearts of audiences around the world.

Approximate value: £145 GBP per person

Dinner and Show at Moulin Rouge Enjoy an unforgettable evening at the world-renowned Moulin Rouge, home of the French Can Can for more than a century. Dinner with half a bottle of wine is served during the show and a glass of champagne completes your evening in style.

Approximate value: €170 EUR per person

Dinner Party and Illumination Drive A perfect introduction to Paris! After a full-course dinner with choices of typical French dishes, drinks included, your tour director will show you the "City of Light."

Approximate value: €68 EUR per person

Excursion to the Louvre Museum Your guide will bring to life the most celebrated treasures of the impressive Louvre Museum, including da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa. Built originally as a royal fortress in the Middle Ages, the Central Arts Museum was opened to the public in 1793. The Louvre holds 35,000 works of art divided into eight categories: paintings, prints & drawings, sculpture, decorative arts, Greek, Etruscan & Roman antiquities, Egyptian antiquities, Near Eastern antiquities, and Islamic art. NOTE: This excursion is not available to groups on Tuesdays, public holidays, and Sundays.

Approximate value: €48 EUR per person

Mount Pilatus Journey almost 7,000 feet (2,132m)up - via the world's steepest cogwheel railway (with an inclination of 48 degrees), the silent aerial tramway and the panoramic gondola for spectacular views over central Switzerland. The Mount Pilatus mountain range was first inhabited by Celtic herdsmen and later became well-known to travelers worldwide when completion of the Gotthard Route made the area more accessible. The rugged cliffs above Lucerne have been cloaked in myth and legend since the Middle Ages when it was believed that a dragon with healing powers and spirits inhabited the rocky crevices.

Approximate value: €63 EUR per person

Swiss Folklore Party and Dinner Contrary to belief, not all Swiss can yodel or blow the alphorn, but those you will meet during your folklore dinner party are real experts. They will entertain you with merry melodies on the accordion and traditional dances, while having a 3-course dinner with also a sample of typical cheese fondue and 1 liter stein of beer (or two glasses of wine or soft drink) to toast your Swiss evening.

Approximate value: €82 EUR per person

Gondola Serenade Enjoy a ride in a traditional gondola, gliding through centuries-old canals, under famous arched bridges, past lavish palaces and quaint piazzas. These long, narrow, flat-bottomed boats with a high prow and stern were designed specifically for the Venetian canals and made in unique shipyards called Squero. Black is the obligatory color, due to a law passed to reduce how the rich and noble over-decorated their personal craft. The comb at the front of the gondola is made of iron and serves not only to balance the boat, but is also the symbol of gondolas and Venice. The six comb teeth represent the six Venetian districts- i sestieri. Note: the gondola is to be shared with other guests (maximum 6 participants on each gondola). There will be one musician on board of one of the gondola boats in your fleet.

Approximate value: €39 EUR per person

Roman Highlights & Dinner To make the most out of your stay join the Local Guide for a tailor-made itinerary featuring some of the city's authentic jewels. With our optional walking tour you will have the chance to see the famous Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and other sites and squares of Rome made famous in the movie Angels and Demons. A life-time experience! After your walk, relax and enjoy a typical Italian 4-course dinner, including drinks, at a popular Roman restaurant.

Approximate value: €68 EUR per person

Amalfi Drive A first glimpse of the wonders of this coastline reveals the breathtaking Galli Islands on your way to illustrious Positano, where you will stop above the main part of the town. Continue the leisurely drive, with something new around every corner - small villages nestled into tiny coves, villas perched on rock formations, colourful flowers, plants and lemon trees. Stop in Amalfi, known for its maritime history and 9th-century Byzantine cathedral of St. Andrew. Take a stroll around this peaceful town, where you will have 1 1/2 hours to enjoy its beauty and maybe indulge in a delicious pastry or ice cream. Later proceed to Ravello, famous for Villa Rufolo.

Approximate value: €39 EUR per person

Amalfi Select The "Amalfi Drive" is said to be the most spectacular road in Europe and from Sorrento, the winding cliff top road offers breathtaking panoramic views at every bend. Treat yourself to this unique experience and relive the glorious past of the Maritime Republic passing through Positano and Ravello. Feel pampered with this personal service (18 people maximum) and travel in a luxury coach with an experienced guide who will be able to provide you with interesting facts and information. Enjoy one hour free time in Positano to visit this splendid village and discover the wonderful "Moda Positano". Stroll along the Amalfi streets for a guided tour of the historical centre and some free time to enjoy the city on your own. Why not using your free time in Ravello to visit Villa Cimbrone or Villa Rufolo? Both villas overlook the Gulf of Naples and the view from their windows is stunning and breathtaking. Also enjoy a light lunch included in the excursion. Arrival time in Sorrento is expected to be approximately between 5:30 & 6:00.

Approximate value: €110 EUR per person

Capri & Anacapri Immerse yourself in a memorable day on a captivating island. Together with your private Local Guide, you will see as much as possible in both Capri and Anacapri. You will have a chance to view the beautiful Villa of Axel Munthe, built on the site of a Roman villa; Capri town's jet-set "Piazzetta" meeting place; and the gardens of Augustus, overlooking Via Krupp, which winds down to the shimmering waters below. You will have ample time to visit shops or wander along the lanes to gaze at the luxurious villas surrounded by fabulous gardens.

Approximate value: €78 EUR per person

Cassino Abbey, World War II Cemetary & Museum Monte Cassino Abbey is situated at the top of a hill with spectacular views over the city of Cassino. The Abbey was founded in 523BC and has become a world-wide famous site for the art and culture along the centuries. Steeped in history it has been destroyed and rebuilt four times in its 1400 years. The most recent and infamous destruction was during the 1944 battle of Monte Cassino in World War Two. Because of it's strategic position it was occupied by the German forces and used as vantage point to attack the allied forces advancing from the South of Italy. The basilica, which is richly decorated in stucco and mosaics contains the relics of St. Benedict and his sister St. Scholastica, who survived the bombings. Later, visit the beautifully maintained Commonwealth War Cemetary, where many of the soldiers who fell during the battle are buried. After free time for lunch a visit to the World War II museum, where different exhibitions commemorate those, of all nationalities, who lost their life in the battle.

Approximate value: €45 EUR per person

Private Excursion To Pompeii

Group Excursion for up to 7 passengers

Visit this amazing archaeological area with an expert Local Guide. See original frescoes and mosaics in villas that belonged to rich Roman merchants, as well as the public baths, marketplaces, and shops. Your guide will point out interesting aspects of normal life that normally might not be noticed, such as road signs and ruts made by the wheels of Roman chariots. Learn how this important Roman city disappeared completely after the eruption of Vesuvius, not to be rediscovered until 1,700 years later. Transfer operated by private car (up to 3 participants).
Approximate value: €249 EUR per group

Private Guided Excursion To Capri

Group Excursion for up to 7 passengers

Immerse yourself in a memorable day on a captivating island. Together with your private Local Guide, you will see as much as possible in both Capri and Anacapri. Visit the beautiful Villa of Axel Munthe (Villa San Michele), built on the site of a Roman villa; Capri town's jet-set "Piazzetta" meeting place; and the gardens of Augustus, overlooking Via Krupp, which winds down to the shimmering waters below. You will have ample time to visit shops or wander along the lanes to gaze at the luxurious villas surrounded by fabulous gardens.
Approximate value: €449 EUR per group

Sorrento Musical This delightful musical is a stage production of song and dance depicting the traditions and history of Sorrento during the 18th century. Colorful costumes, famous Italian songs, and the Tarantella dances magically transform the stage into four different scenes of daily southern Italian life.

Approximate value: €24 EUR per person